Saturday, August 29, 2009


i sort of adore jen brill's look and the other's aren't that unphotogenic either.
this is from the fall '09 lookbook from sophomore. it's actually quite nice to see these kind of lb's.
letting you see the clothes in action and are not all made up to look polished or forced.
when will i produce this kind of shit? soon i hope, soon.
go to jen's (the blogger, not t. richardson's gf) site to see lots more awesomeness.
photographer: cass bird
source: sophomore via gnarlitude


LYDIA! said...

i agreee, this kind of lb seems more realistic and somehow MORE appealing then the other done up ones.

Melissa~ said...

I love this kind of photoshoot, more cassual and realistic maybe.
I like it.

hiromix said...

lydia!, i love these kind of lb's, i'll try some more :)

melissa~, thanks for dropping by and leaving feedback so frequently ^^