Saturday, December 19, 2009

time mgmt

source: here
it's all about time now. whether it's the lack of or what to do with.
time for thesis, time for the family, time for personal development,
hmmm... and friends. there is always time for fashion, though.
cos in a way it's innate and unconscious. time flies.
soon it's 2010.


Fashion Tidbits said...

i hope you have a merry christmas and "happy new year"!!! :) i know ours is in
it was really nice to tete-a-tete with you this past yr via emails/blog! here're to 2010!

hiromix said...

hey H!! thank you sweetie, i wish you a merry xmas & happy new year, too! and of course i'll wish u a happy seolnal, when it's the time ;)
totally! i very much enjoyed our virtual tete-a-tetes, can't believe it's '10 soon!! 0.0