Friday, March 12, 2010


rodarte. glowing shoes. beyond shoe porn!
source: highsnobette
it's seoul fashion week soon.
yey for generation next!!


Fashion Tidbits said...

have you visited H&M yet?? it was a total war zone when i visited two weeks ago!!!!

Melissa~ said...

God. Rodarte is amazing.
Love the shoes of course.

hiromix said...

hey ft~~ i went to the pre-launch and that scared me for good! the miniature macaroons made up for it, but the queues whenever i passed by recently make me go to zara next door instead! i'll wait til the heat dies down and give another shot ;) but brave you! they DO have nice stuff!!

hey melissa~ rodarte is one of my favourites (whose aren't they though nowadays) their shoes for f/w10 are SO cool, and deserve their own fanclub!

Fashion Tidbits said...

holy crap! you luckie duckie, can't believe you went to a prelaunch!!! i wan yummy macaroons! :P