Sunday, October 25, 2009

towards halloween

i went to johnny hates jazz on tuesday and it was effing amazing.
personally, one of the best korean brands.
she showed these modern glam, youthful yet sophisticated
and uncomplicated pieces down the runway.
100% covetable.
and i sighted the facehunter. hehe. twice.
there & 2 days later in hongdae.
it's like he's got wings on his shoes or something.
it's halloween soon & my photographer friend from singapore is visiting yay~
fun, inspiring & sensory overload.


Ashley said...

i really like your blog

check mine out

Lori said...

ive never heard of johnny hates jazz, gonna have to check it out!

hiromix said...

@ashley: thx ^^ i will :)

@lori: it rocks ^0^ and i think the facehunter liked it, too ;)

Fashion Tidbits said...

never heard of them either, but it sounds interesting

hiromix said...

@ fashion tidbits: make sure to check them out ^^